No peeking Clutch/Box with triangle sleeve. Don’t you just love an easy box that turns into being one that you can use all year round? Well this is one.



Card Stock: 4″ x 11″

Place on score board in the landscape/longside position and score at: 3 1/2″, 5 1/4″, 8 3/4″, & 10 1/2″. While the box is in this position, notch within the two smallest boxes, first small box at: 4 3/8″ and the second small box at: 9 5/8″.

Within the small boxes with the notch in place use this notch as a marker to create a triangle within the smallest boxes, from the notch to the corners of each side of the boxes. This should create a triangle in the two smallest boxes.

Turn to short side/portrait on the score board and score the bottom of the box at” 2 3/4.

DSP (Designer Series Paper): 3 1/2″ x 8″ fold the DSP around the box moulding the DSP, to the box folds. Glue the bottom of the paper to the paper, (not the box), to create the sleeve.


thanks for peeking

Connie Rae xx